The State of the Stormborn

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Hello everyone! James here, as I’ve stated before in the podcast, I’m the resident Targ player. I’ve been playing Targ since the game’s inception and brought my Targ fealty deck to the last SC finishing 5th at 3-2 with 1 modified loss. The games I won I ran people over in decisive victories (2 of which my opponent had 0 power at the end of the game). The games I lost were very close but couldn’t mount enough of a comeback in time. Here is the list I was playing:

However, I’m here to address the state of Daenerys and her Targaryen army currently and going forward. With the release of the King’s Peace, the 2 Targ cards that were released were mehh in my eyes and don’t really change up any decks. The Crone’s ability is very narrow to trigger in house Targaryen being that there’s no pillage cards or other discard effects. So you’re reliant on winning INT challenges to do it and without Daeny in play it’s not so easy (not impossible, just not consistent). Even if you were to just banner the dragon into another deck, I don’t believe The Crone is up to snuff as a card that you’d want to banner in anyway. The other card, The Silver Steed, is mediocre at best for now. As more dothraki characters come out, the card becomes much more powerful. Final assessment: pass on these cards and continue on with what you have for now.

So, what do we do now? I’ve heard some rumblings of people complaining “oh Targ is getting such bad cards, this is bullshit”, “every other house is getting better cards” blah blah blah. Relax folks. I don’t know if you recall, but this card Crown of Gold came out in the last pack and completely changed the game. We got our “bombshell” card in the last set so it’s only reasonable that they give us some mediocre cards for now to balance things out. However, I do not see Targ fealty being strong enough in the current meta. I say Targ fealty because I think it’s the best way to build the deck at the moment. Targaryen is very powerful but, doesn’t exactly play well with other banners. Diluting the deck with another banner weakens your Dracarys! and now you have to pay the full 7 for Daeny, the full 4 for Crown, and the full 3 for Plaza. Losing that fealty option hurts the deck more than bannering fixes its’s weaknesses.

To continue my thought from earlier, if you’re a dedicated Targ player my suggestion is for now look for something else to play until the next chapter pack comes out. Because Targ doesn’t get any better from the King’s Peace and the other factions do, I don’t see Targ winning any tournaments. Be patient my brothers and sisters. The one true queen of Westeros will have her time to shine. For now, she’s laying in wait until the time is right to strike. With additions like Mirri Maz Duur coming soon and more dothraki bloodrider characters such as Aggo and Jhogo, it will give Targ the shot in the arm it needs to rise above and flex some serious muscle. Again, be patient. We shall have our glory. Remember, we don’t plan on stopping the wheel. We plan to break it.